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PRO Mental training for legendary athletes
All progressive athletes run into the same mental progression blocks. Fear of big waves, drowning, big jumps, crashing, failing in front of others, second guessing and nervousness. The good news? Form Supreme mental training solves them.
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stand up tall in 8ft barrels

Mental training for committed surfers
Use pro's best mental techniques to surf bigger waves, master your contest nerves and be able to take multi wave sets on the head confidently without panicking.
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Hit 30ft jumps with confidence

Mental training for dedicated snowboarders
Want to take advantage of the pro's secret mental techniques to hit big ass jumps and 30 stair rails with confidence? Or how about master your contest nerves without second guessing causing you to crash?
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Train the Nerrrrves of a winner

Mental training for badassery
Do you want to feel fully confident in contests and consistently perform at your 100% under pressure so you can win? Do you want to do it without the fear of eating it in front of your friends holding you back from showing everyone what you're truly capable of?
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Your mental advantage

1. Confidence In yourself

Do you want to feel confident when trying out new tricks, moves and maneuvers without fear of getting injured causing you to hesitate, second guess and freeze?

2. Freedom to do Anything

Learning mental techniques to overcome the limits your own mind sets against you is at the essence to becoming the best you can be.

3. Strong mind & body

Mental health, strength and resilience drives high performance and will help you stay positive and motivated during the hard times of your life.

4. Learn Without Fear

Fear of failure, making mistakes and getting injured slow down and can kill your progress. Learn how to harness the power of your mind and free yourself of fear.

5. Mastering your nerves

Master your mind so you can consistently improve and perform at your best under pressure without fear of what others think, making mistakes or getting injured holding you back.

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3 methods to block the fear of wiping out

Is the fear of falling and getting injured holding you back from becoming the best you can...

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I had just spent 8 month rehabbing my knee from a serious knee injury (torn ACL). Although I felt physically strong my mental game...

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“Jussi helped me a lot when I was struggling with my fear of critics and different areas of my career.”


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Your mental coach

I'm Jussi and my mission is to get you to level up faster than the other guy. You'll learn the uncommon mental tricks I discovered as a pro snowboarder and mental coach for Olympic medalists, US Open Champions and X-Games winners.
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Pro's get better faster because they think different. Learn the mental techniques pro's use to perform like a boss without fears blocking your progress.
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