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mental training For beginner, amateur and pro athletes
✓ Overcome mental blocks like fear of getting injured or making mistakes and failing in front of others

✓ Learn how to commit, gain instant confidence and calm your nerves so you can avoid falling and getting injured in front of people

✓ Improve your snowboarding, surfing, skiing skills 3x faster with less practice by using visualization techniques
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Mental techniques to

overcome your Fears
• Overcome fear of getting injured, drowning, big waves
• Calm your nerves in big waves, kickers, rails or drops
Gain full confidence
• Learn methods to gain more and instantly boost your confidence
• Uncover how to remove self doubt, second guessing, freezing and hesitation
max out your potential
• Use mental techniques  to get access to your full potential
• Discover how to leverage mistakes and turn failure into accelerated learning
Become a champion
• Take advantage of mental tricks to get rid of under performing in comps
• Consistently perform at your 100% under pressure
• Use advanced visualization methods to learn new tricks, moves and maneuvers faster
• Discover how you can fully commit to every wave, line, move, maneuver and trick

Rapid learning - you deserve to better

You're here because you know that it's your own mind holding you back, right? You're frustrated and maybe a bit angry. You know you want to surf bigger waves or learn new snowboard tricks faster without fears holding you back.
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athletes who've come through

A failure turned pro

Yes, I'm a real peeing and pooping person with a passion to keep improving. Just like you. My mission is to get you to learn and improve faster, safer and with more confidence in your sport and life without those devilish fears holding you back.

I discovered these hidden mental techniques as a pro snowboarder and mental coach for Olympic medalists, US Open Champions and X-Games winners.
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"I used Jussi’s tips from his Pro mental game book and I came in feeling much better about myself. What a massive difference a change in the way you think can make in your surfing."


“I broke my knee riding powder. For 26 years I have not skied powder. The fear had me. Jussi helped me overcome my fear of powder & re-injury.”

-Helena Westin, skier sweden

“Jussi helped me a lot with his teachings when I was struggling with my fear of critics and different areas of my career...”


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