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Your Coach Jussi Tarvainen


Hey legend, super stoked to meet you! I'm Jussi (pronounced You-Si) a former pro snowboarder from Finland. By the age of 18 my childhood dream of becoming a pro snowboarder came true and I moved to Tahoe, California United States to pursue my passion.

After my career I started Form Supreme to help athletes like yourself learn the invisible mental tricks for high performance. I wrote the book Pro Mental Game and went on to coach Olympic medalists, US Open Champions and X-Games winners.

I run Form Supreme in the wee hours of the morning, work full time as a designer at Futurice during the day and enjoy life with my son and my spouse at night.

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Becoming a pro snowboarder
I was about to fall asleep while running through my nightly visualization ritual when it hit me. I was living in South Lake Tahoe U.S. having travelled 10,000 miles from my birthplace Finland. I had a pick up truck outside with a brand new snowmobile sitting on it. All this paid by my sponsors Rome, Oakley, Helly Hansen, 32/Etnies and Dakine. I was covered in the biggest snowboard magazines, riding along my idols and I had video parts in the biggest snowboard movies of the time.

After a long and successful winter season I was about to drive down to San Diego the next morning for the summer to train with my personal trainer and surf. I couldn't believe my childhood dream had come true. I was fortunate enough to travel around the world as a pro for 8 fruitful years getting paid to snowboard for a living and surf in the off season.

All this didn't come without sacrifices though. I lost friendships because I was always snowboarding, I spent over 2 years in rehab from various injuries and I lost my first love, a 7 year relationship because I was so committed to my career.

Discovering Mental game

One day before heading out to snowboard, I was flipping through Whitelines snowboard magazine. And that's where I read an article about mental game. After reading the it I contacted the author and asked if she knew any books I could read on the subject.

That lead me to a 15 years long journey into the depth of human and performance psychology, learning from the latest research, coaching Olympic medalists, X-Games winners and US Open champions and learning from them in the process.

Before all that though I struggled to find my identity and overcome my own insecurity, lack of confidence and the fears and mental blocks holding me back from learning faster and becoming the best I could be.

Discovering the unspoken boundaries and techniques that the best athletes use to control their mind, feel fully confident in any situation and perform at their best under pressure opened up a whole new world and set of possibilities. I'm super excited for you to learn these techniques that help you become better, get access to your full potential and become the legend you deserve to be.

Trusted by world's best athletes

Turning into a coach

It was the beginning of the snowboard season and I was touring Japan's indoor snowboard parks for my sponsor Rome. Unfortunately a tiny jump gone wrong and I had totalled my knee and was facing a year of rehab.

I moved to San Diego U.S. to rehab my knee at one of the world's best physical therapy center B Project. While there I realised I had developed fears from getting injured again, pressure from what others thought of me among others so I decided to talk to a shrink (sport psychologist). This turned out to to be one of the best investments I'v ever made.

In the past 15 years I've since studied sport psychology and trained as a licensed NLP Trainer (Neuro Linguistic Programming). I actively use various coaches myself from sports psychologists to high performance trainers, world's best physical therapists and business coaches to improve my own mental skills as an athlete, coach, father and entrepreneur. I've also had the wonderful opportunity to work with and learn from some of worlds best athletes from Olympic medalists to X-Games winners and US Open Champions.

In 2014 I wrote Pro Mental Game book I've learned from world's best mental performance experts to share the best mental techniques so you can perform like a boss.


The magic of mastering your inner world
I wrote Pro Mental Game to share the unspoken mental techniques I used as a pro snowboarder. I believe everyone should have access to these mental techniques to better control your mind, get access to your full potential, and become the best version of yourself.

I've since had the fortune to deeper my understanding into how you can master your mind through my research, studies and from coaching world's best athletes from Olympic medalists, X-Games winners to US Open champions.
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Form Supreme company was born 2013 as a result of my passion to help committed athletes take their mental skills to the next level and reach their athletic aspirations.

'Form Supreme' name comes from the passionate commitment, dedication and drive every progressive athlete has pulsating in every part of their soul. You have the never ending thirst to learn, improve, grow and become the best you can be, right?!

I started Form Supreme by researching, surveying and interviewing 250+ athletes from snowboarders, to surfers, skateboarders, freerunners, wakeboarders, skiers to make sure I understood the challenges and problems they wanted to solve and goals they wanted to reach. Based on this research I designed online courses, wrote articles to Magic Seaweed and Still Stoked to name a few and wrote my first book Pro Mental Game.

Although I'd already been part of a handful of businesses in my life running a full time business on my own didn't turn out to be that easy. While the athletes who've used the techniques from the trainings have done far better than I could've ever hoped for, the financial side of the business didn't do that. Again. A lot of face planting ensued.

Three years after starting the business, I was $10,000 deep in dept, one and a half burnouts richer, a baby on the way and no idea how I would pay the next months rent or put food on the table.

Who would've known running a business is a very complex set of skills. You make a lot of very painful mistakes which you quite literally pay for and improve from them just like in any sport.

I've been a freelance designer since a teenager so in 2016 I took a job as a designer to pay the bills. I run Form Supreme on the side to serve athletes around the world.

I am excited to have you as part of the story and to show you how you can enjoy your sport and life more.

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