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learn to harness the power of fear

Gain more confidence mini training
In this mini introductory course you'll learn:
✓ Discover the 3 biggest mistakes most athletes make that lead to destroying your confidence and getting injured
✓ Find out the key mental game hack to building more confidence and learning new tricks faster
✓ Learn a 4 step Instaconfidence 2.0 formula to instantly gain more confidence in your abilities

Learn how to level up your confidence

+ 30 day no questions asked full money back guarantee
+ 5 video downloads (mp4)
+ 5 audio downloads (Audio versions of the videos - mp3)

MSPR $46
$37 (20% discount)
Save $9

Inside the training

Video 01: three injury leading mistakes

In the first video you'll find out 3 big mistakes most athletes make that lead to injuries.

Video 02: secret to progressing like a pro

In this second video I'll share with you unspoken reason how pro's are able to make faster progress.

Video 03: performing in front of others

In this third video you'll learn how to overcome fear of training in front of others and getting embarrassed.

Video 04: unlocking your full potential

In this fourth video I'll show you how pro’s get access to their full potential and how you can too.

Video 05: Gain more freedom

The fifth video helps you create more freedom in your sport without your own mind holding you back.

Video 06: BONUS - Confidence shortcut

This last video shows you a powerful way to create supreme confidence without falling into the overconfidence trap.



No questions asked. You like it or you get your money back.

Trusted by world's best athletes


Your mind can be your most powerful ally or your worst enemy
Hi I'm Jussi. Before I became a pro snowboarder I was doubting my skills, never felt good enough and I was afraid of getting injured and embarrassed in front of my friends.

Once becoming a pro I suffered an almost career ending knee injury. It turned out the best thing that could've happened to me. That's when I discovered how to harness the power of your mind and enjoy life even on those down days when everything seem to be against you. I've since coached athletes from beginners to Olympic medalists, US Open Champions and X-Games winners.

I'm super excited to share with you the mental techniques world-class athletes use so you can get access to your full potential and become the best version of yourself.

Overcoming fear & getting unstuck

“I’ve been working with Jussi and I saw huge improvement. Jussi helped me a lot with his teachings when I was struggling with my fear of critics while making The Little Things and different areas of my career. I recommend it to anyone who wants to enhance their career or even on just personal level.”


Feeling better about yourself

“My mental game was the weakest part and now it’s the strongest. Getting psyched out with other people it throws you off so much and you’re not on your game and focused so all those exercises that we did really help me I’m able to get into my own zone and focus on my own performance rather than worrying about everything else happening around me.”


Staying calm & confident under pressure

“I was not improving and I was getting upset that how I want to be at a pro level but just couldn’t get there! I was losing the love and passion for surfing which made me not improve as I wasn’t 100% into it. The best thing about training with Jussi was that I learned to understand what I’m feeling when surfing instead of getting frustrated on a bad turn. He taught me exactly how to be more positive and also confident in and out of the water!! I recommend this training for any athlete who feels stuck in their spot! It’s not all bout talent and skill, it’s also a lot of mental strength which plays a massive role in getting to the level you want to be!”


overcoming Mental resistance & Injuries

“My biggest frustration was getting myself to do certain moves that I knew I had the physical capabilities to pull off, but had a lot of mental resistance towards. I cut the time needed to mentally psych myself up in half and have since had less parkour-related injuries. Learning to recognize faulty thought-patterns that were causing me to doubt myself. I recommend this to athletes that would like to cut their learning curve and increase their longevity in the sport.”


Do you want to improve your confidence?

Let's beat fear so you can have more fun
• Learn the foundations to building confidence
• Create new ways you can gain more confidence
• Remove second guessing, doubt and hesitation

+ 30 day no questions asked full money back guarantee
+ Download the videos and audio files instantly

MSPR $46
Price today $37 (20% discount)
Save $9
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