Confidence gainer

Online course
In this mini introductory course you'll learn:
✓ Discover the 3 biggest mistakes most athletes make that lead to destroying your confidence and getting injured
✓ Find out the key mental game hack to building more confidence and learning new tricks faster
✓ Learn a 4 step Instaconfidence 2.0 formula to instantly gain more confidence in your abilities

Learn how to level up your confidence

+ 30 day no questions asked full money back guarantee
+ 5 video downloads (mp4)
+ 5 audio downloads (Audio versions of the videos - mp3)

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Inside the training

Video 01: three injury leading mistakes

In the first video you'll find out 3 big mistakes most athletes make that lead to injuries.

Video 02: secret to progressing like a pro

In this second video I'll share with you unspoken reason how pro's are able to make faster progress.

Video 03: performing in front of others

In this third video you'll learn how to overcome fear of training in front of others and getting embarrassed.

Video 04: unlocking your full potential

In this fourth video I'll show you how pro’s get access to their full potential and how you can too.

Video 05: Gain more freedom

The fifth video helps you create more freedom in your sport without your own mind holding you back.

Video 06: BONUS - Confidence shortcut

This last video shows you a powerful way to create supreme confidence without falling into the overconfidence trap.