THE FOUNDER Jussi Tarvainen

PRO SNOWBOARDER - AUTHOR - Mental COACH - father - Son - Husband

You're likely here because you want to support your daughter or son in their athletic adventures.

With your permission I'd like to invite you and your child to learn how to build healthy self confidence, mental health and a positive mindset to get through the good and hard times in life and not just in sports.

I run Form Supreme in the wee hours of the morning, work full time as a designer at Futurice during the day and enjoy life with my son and my spouse at night.

Trusted by world's best athletes

Staying calm & confident under pressure

“Really happy with how I went in the comp. In my second attempt I landed all the tricks I had planned. The mental techniques of reaction pre planning and visualization was a huge help for staying calm and confident throughout the comp. My goal for the comp was to do my best, enjoy the experience and learn as much as I could about competitions. Feel proud to say that I definitely achieved that goal. Thank you very much for helping me get my mental game on track Jussi. It help me overcome fears and allowed me to learn a lot from the opportunity to compete.”


Overcoming fear

"Now I’m in my 40s and have had a few painful Rail crashes I was looking for something to help me overcome a mental block about side on rails. I was also worried that my caution was passing on to my daughter although she is still quite fearless. She struggles more with the fear of failure generally and stress of competitions. The Form Supreme website was perfect for me and Amy. I’m loving the book ..thanks for writing it it’s helping me and my 13 year old daughter Amy progress at our snowboarding."



Think like a pro, progress like a pro
I wrote Pro Mental Game to share the unspoken mental techniques I used as a pro snowboarder. I believe everyone should have access to these mental techniques to better control your mind, get access to your full potential, and become the best version of yourself.

I've since had the fortune to deeper my understanding into how you can master your mind through my research, studies and from coaching world's best athletes from Olympic medalists, X-Games winners to US Open champions.
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