Performance breakthrough

$297 (+ TAX)

Performance breakthrough

tailored 1-to-1 video call
The performance breakthrough 1-to-1 video call is starting place for athletes who want on a fast track to getting access to your full potential and becoming the best version of yourself. It's from beginners, to weekend warriors and pro's.

Do you want to learn how to:
• Perform at your 100% in comps without nervousness or fear sabotaging your skills
• Learn new tricks, moves and maneuvers faster with special visualization techniques
• Overcome fears that are causing second guessing, not committing, getting injured and underperforming

NOTE: Application ONLY. Limited spots available.

1. Together we'll recognize the progression blocks holding you back and use custom tailored mental techniques to get rid of them.

2. We'll set specific goals, trackers and action path for reaching them so you get clarity of mind and sharp focus.

3. You will get special mental techniques you can use to accelerate your improvement and consistently perform better.

• 90 minute session (Ask for discounted 3x/6x/12x session bundle price)
• Via video conference
• Detailed notes, exercises and session summary

+ 30 day no questions asked full money back guarantee

Price $297 (+ TAX)
“I was not improving and i was getting upset. I was losing the love and passion for surfing. Jussi taught me exactly how to be more positive and also confident in and out of the water!!”


“Jussi helped me a lot when I was struggling with my fear of critics and different areas of my career.”


“I broke my knee riding powder. For 26 years I have not skied powder. The fear had me. In just four Skype sessions Jussi helped me overcome my fear of powder & re-injury.”

-Helena Westin, skier sweden

“I landed all the tricks I had planned for the comp. The mental techniques WERE a huge help for staying calm, confident and overcome my fears.”

-Emma cornish, cable wake

“My biggest frustration was getting myself to do certain moves that I knew I had the physical capabilities to pull off, but had a lot of mental resistance towards. I cut the time needed to mentally psych myself up in half and have since had less parkour-related injuries.”

-Otto vainio, finland, movement specialist

"Jussi’s 1-to-1 training gave me specific techniques to deal with my fear response. My goal has always been to stand tall in an +8 foot pit with my hands above my head. I feel that I am getting closer to my goal."

-Dean Grobler, 52 year old surfer

“My mental game was the weakest part and now it’s the strongest. The exercises we did helped me to get into my own zone and focus on my own performance rather than worrying about everyone else.”