Progression advantage

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Progression advantage

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In this course you'll learn the foundations for consistent progress in your sport.

✓ Understand what is fear and how it's your ally
✓ Discover how to leverage fear to your advantage
✓ Learn how you can use the progression triad to improve faster and have the confidence even when you second guess yourself

• 7 video downloads (mp4)
• 7 audio downloads (Audio versions of the videos - mp3)
• 14 page ebook

+ BONUS VIDEO - Learn how you can get to the next level in your sport
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+ Cheat sheet

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Former pro snowboarder, author & mental coach


Video 01: intro

Introduction to the course, fear, progression and how to become the best version of yourself.

Video 02: Pro's Aren't Fearless

Most athletes think pro's have no fears which is one of the biggest misconceptions.

Video 03: Benefit of Fear

Fear, when understood can serve you instead of hold you back. Learning to harness fear is the key.

Video 04: Fight Or Flight Fear Response

In this fourth video I'll show you the stages of fear, where it comes from and how to utilize it to your advantage.

Video 05: Recognizing Fear

If you don't recognize fear and be conscious about it, it will rule over your actions and man handle you.

Video 06: Progressive Performance Triad

The progression triad will help you recognize the progression blocks slowing down your progress so you can accelerate your growth.

Video 07: Bonus - Getting to the next level

In this bonus video you'll learn the path to getting to the next level in your sport.