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It was 2013 I was in Florida United States at a mental training conference when I got the idea for Form Supreme. For quite some time I had a growing feeling inside me that I wanted to give something back to the action sport community. I had always done skateboarding, snowboarding, got into surfing and loved it and most of my friends were athletes of all sorts. In my snowboard career I had learned so much about how to build a brand, improve faster, overcome fears etc. and didn't want to hide the invaluable lessons I'd gotten.

I had a passion understanding the detailed workings of the human brain. Grey as I like to call it. It was time to share what I learned with others and help you improve and have more fun. Form Supreme company was born 2013 as a result of my passion to help committed athletes take their mental skills to the next level and reach their athletic aspirations.

'Form Supreme' name comes from the passionate commitment, dedication and drive every progressive athlete, has pulsating in every part of their soul. You have the never ending thirst to learn, improve, grow and become the best you can be, right!

I started Form Supreme by researching, surveying and interviewing 250+ athletes. From snowboarders, to surfers, skateboarders, freerunners, wakeboarders, skiers I was driven to understand the challenges holding them back and goals they wanted to reach. What surprised me that all these athletes from different sports, all had the same basic mental blocks. Albeit in different elements from water to snow to concrete and dirt. Whether you're afraid of the big waves, big jumps, gaps, drops or rails it's all the same fear. We're all afraid to perform or fail in front a crowd worries what our friend and not wanting to be laughed at.

Becoming a pro athlete wasn't a walk in the park, at all. Quite the contrary a lot of face planting on the snow and everything in between was experienced as a result. It takes a lot of hard work, luck and commitment to get really good at anything and still you can get stuck and never reach your goals.

Based on this research I designed online courses, wrote articles to Magic Seaweed and Still Stoked to name a few and typed out my first 70,000 word book Pro Mental Game.

Although I'd already been part of a handful of businesses in my life running a full time business on my own didn't turn out to be that easy. While the athletes who've used the techniques from the trainings have done far better than I could've ever hoped for, the financial side of the business to pay the bills and feed my family still got a lot of work to be done.

But this is only the beginning of the story. Whether you are at the beginning of your own story, fighting fears and slaying dragons of your own psyche or at the top of the world, 🌎  I am excited to have you as part of the Form Supreme. I can't wait to see where you go from here with the mental skills you'll learn.

Be kind, be epic and have fun.
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