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Jussi Tarvainen


Hey legend, super stoked to meet you! I'm Jussi (pronounced You-Si) a former pro snowboarder from Finland.

By the age of 18 my childhood dream of becoming a pro snowboarder came true and I moved to Tahoe, California United States to pursue my passion.

After my career I started Form Supreme to help athletes like yourself learn the invisible mental tricks for high performance. I wrote the book Pro Mental Game and was fortunate to go on to coach Olympic medalists, US Open Champions and X-Games winners.
Becoming a pro snowboarder
I was about to fall asleep while running through my nightly visualization ritual when it hit me. I was living in South Lake Tahoe U.S. having travelled 10,000 miles from my birthplace Finland. I had a pick up truck outside with a brand new snowmobile sitting on it. All this paid by my sponsors Rome, Oakley, Helly Hansen, 32/Etnies and Dakine. I was covered in the biggest snowboard magazines, riding along my idols and I had video parts in the biggest snowboard movies of the time.

After a long and successful winter season I was about to drive down to San Diego the next morning for the summer to train with my personal trainer and surf. I couldn't believe my childhood dream had come true. I was fortunate enough to travel around the world as a pro for 8 fruitful years getting paid to snowboard for a living and surf in the off season.

All this didn't come without sacrifices though. I lost friendships because I was always snowboarding, I spent over 2 years in rehab from various injuries and I lost my first love, a 7 year relationship because I was so committed to my career.

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Turning into a coach

It was the beginning of the snowboard season and I was touring Japan's indoor snowboard parks for my sponsor Rome. Unfortunately a tiny jump gone wrong and I had totalled my knee and was facing a year of rehab.

I moved to San Diego U.S. to rehab my knee at one of the world's best physical therapy center B Project. While there I realised I had developed fears from getting injured again. So I decided to talk to a shrink (sport psychologist). This turned out  to be one of the best investments I'v ever made.

In the past 15 years I've since studied sport psychology and trained as a licensed NLP Trainer (Neuro Linguistic Programming). I actively use various coaches myself from sports psychologists to high performance trainers, world's best physical therapists and business coaches to improve my own mental skills as an athlete, coach, father and entrepreneur. I've also had the wonderful opportunity to work with and learn from some of worlds best athletes from Olympic medalists to X-Games winners and US Open Champions.

In 2014 I wrote Pro Mental Game book I've learned from world's best mental performance experts to share the best mental techniques so you can perform like a boss.
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