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How I discovered the power of mental training

Discovering mental game_

One day before heading out to snowboard, I was flipping through Whitelines snowboard magazine. That's when I saw it. A tiny few hundred word article about mental game. I couldn't believe I had never heard of the one skill every athlete (or any human being with a brain) needed to grow, improve and make progress in life. It blew my mind. The article opened up a whole new dimension in performance I wasn't aware of. It was the linchpin, the crucial missing key of making faster progress than others and overcoming the mental blocks like fear, insecurity, nervousness and failure holding me back. I sweared I'd learn to use to my advantage in my life.

After reading the article I contacted the author and asked if she knew any books I could read on the subject. I was so excited and couldn't wait to get some books in my hands. Unfortunately she had only one book about mental game for sports to recommend and it didn't really apply to the action sports.

That lead me to a 15 years long journey into the depth of human and performance psychology. I applied what I learned directly into my career as a pro snowboarder and improved at a head dizzying rate, most athletes only dream of. I paid big money to work with the best sports psychologists and read the latest performance research. It was the best investment of my life. After a lot of hard work, failure and battle scars, I was fortunate enough to become one of the most sought after and marketed snowboarder in the industry, getting sponsor deals from left and right.

In the eight years I got to travel around the world as a pro snowboarder I got to put the mental training through its paces. I battled injuries that left me in the rehab for over 2 years total and find ways to overcome the fears that came as a result of those. I learned techniques how to calm my nerves in contests and when faced with obstacles where fear took its hold. I discovered how to get into the flow and consistently perform at your best without fear, self-doubt or failure holding me back.

Later on I started coaching Olympic medalists, X-Games winners and US Open champions. This gave me an unprecedented opportunity to learn mental techniques from other world-class athletes. This also led me to write the pro's playbook for secret mental techniques pro's posses the Pro Mental Game.

Before all the success though I struggled to find my identity. I had hard time dealing with my insecurities, self-doubt and lack of confidence. The fears of failure, injury, falling and what others thought of me were holding me back from learning faster and becoming the best I could be.

Discovering the unspoken boundaries and techniques that the best athletes use to control their mind, feel fully confident in any situation and perform at their best under pressure, opened up a whole new world and a set of possibilities.

I'm super excited for you to learn these techniques that help you become better, get access to your full potential and become the legend you deserve to be.

What would you do if your own mind, fear or second guessing wouldn't hold you back from becoming the best you can be?

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